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After a risk assessment, we propose a bespoke prevention plan to compliment the insurance packages
Depending on the probability and consequences of possible risks and the costs of the measures to apply as well as its control, a report will be made regarding the value of installation and equipment:

The security of the installation in regards to:

In consequence, with the combination of the risk assesment plan and the insurance plan, we aspire to tackle the risks in the most efficient possible way, combined self insurance (total or partial), and transfer of risks to the appropriate insurance company.

Risk Advice Service

The goal of the risk management service is to identify completely and systematically all possible risks that can affect, also obtaining the necessary objectives for your business.
The pricipal objective is to identify, evaluate, and prioritize all risks, in regards to their seriousness, and probability of occurrence.

In this regard, we hope to identify in a structured and systematic manner, the risks that can affect that running of a business. These we can group into five fundemental areas:

Once we have prioritized the principal risks, we define a risk map (strategy) of the company and a directive plan for their process and mitigation.

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